Our Green Agenda

As a regional leader in the IT solutions business we understand fully well that in providing services to our various clienteles, there will be to some degree, an impact on the environment. Our aim is therefore to reduce this impact whilst still maintaining our global standards of service excellence.  

We are committed to:

    a)    Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner by

b)    Implementing programmes and processes that ensure all our operations and products are environmentally sound.

c)    Creating strategic partnerships with organisations equally committed to environmental goals.

 We aim to do this by:

     •    Fully integrating environmental performance into our overall business and operational management

•    Training staff on the environmental impact of their daily activities and what each one can do to minimize their impact

•    Communicating CRA’s environmental targets and achievements to all staff, customers and suppliers  therefore ensuring continued efforts and success

•    Reviewing new technologies and methods of business with the objective of improving our overall environmental performance

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To learn more about our green agenda and how we have incorporated it into our daily business activities please download a PDF version.